Bahama Beekeepers Seek Hurricane Relief


Hurricane Dorian’s wrath has devastated the Bahamas including the lives of beekeepers, their apiaries and the bees. A few hives have survived in Grand Bahama. Those on Abaco are a total loss. Most hives were swept away in the devastation. What we do know at this time is that around 225 hives were destroyed and lost. The beekeeper with the largest apiary is trying to save his remaining 15 hives out of the original 74 in Grand Bahama.

Last year, 2018, Bees Beyond Borders, BBB, worked with 30 young adults in a 6-week training course in the biology and business of beekeeping. After the completion of the course, these young entrepreneurs formed the Grand Bahama Beekeeping Association, even renting a building for meetings and for production of products from the hive. The Bahamian Development Bank then set up a specific fund for loans that these individuals could borrow from to purchase equipment. New equipment was purchased this past spring and things were looking positive. Until Dorian. The dreams of these young adults becoming beekeepers with thriving businesses has been temporarily lost.

With your help we can raise funds that will go directly to these individuals and ultimately assist in rebuilding their lives.

BBB is assisting in securing feed and equipment to re-hive the rogue bees.

BBB was allowed to raise funds the last day at Apimondia in Montreal. Beekeepers do care about their own, much like a hive.

Bees Beyond Borders is continuing to raise aid for the affected beekeepers through Bees Beyond Borders, BBB, for Bahamas Beekeepers Hurricane Relief Fund with a Crowdrise site. BBB is a 501(c)3.