Bee Health Guru Smartphone App Promotes Kickstarter Fundraising Campaign

Bee Health Guru smartphone app – foul brood found

Bee Health Guru, a new smartphone app designed to help beekeepers diagnose conditions in their hives, is promoting a fundraiser to fine-tune development of its software. The Kickstarter campaign runs through the end of May.

As Malcolm Sanford reports in the May issue of ABJ: “Bee Health Guru combines observations in the field using a phone’s microphone and an App running artificial intelligence software. It begins with an analysis of a sound recording, immediately and automatically performed by the program, and assigning the probability that one of eight colony health conditions is determined. It tells the user to visually inspect the colony to confirm its condition, and then save an inspection report. These three actions: (1) recording colony sounds, (2) predicting the likelihood of specific diseases, and (3) reporting the outcome of colony inspection, provide data needed to fine-tune the AI program and map occurrences of different colony problems.”

According to Dr. Jerry Bromenshenk at Bee Alert Technology, the entity behind the project, “The Kickstarter funding is needed for the final TUNING of the app and the addition of the automated mapping … [which would create data] similar to those of the US Center of Disease Controls reporting and mapping of the spread of human diseases such as flu and measles outbreaks.”

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