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Beginners Kits

Assembled and unassembled beekeeping kits for beginners that has everything except the bees. Shop now at dadant & sons.

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  1. Beemax Hive Kit  M58800

    Beemax Hive Kit M58800

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    BeeMax Polystyrene Hive Kit contains everything necessary for the beginner to start that first colony of bees except the bees themselves. It is an unassembled kit.

    Kit Contains:

    • 1- Insulated BeeMax Hive Body, unassembled
    • 1- Telescoping BeeMax Hive Cover
    • 1- BeeMax Inner Cover
    • 1- Ventilated, Screened Bottom Board
    • 1- BeeMax Entrance Feeder
    • 1- All purpose Hive Tool
    • 1- Book First Lessons in Beekeeping
    • 1- Bee Smoker to calm bees
    • 1- assembly instructions
    • 1- Alexander Veil
    • 1- sting resistant gloves (SIZES See notes below)
    • 10- Standard Wood Assembled Frames w/Plasticell Foundation
    • 1lb of smoker fuel

    We recommend painting outside only with latex paint to protect against ultraviolet rays. Northern climates can use dark colors and southern climates should use white or lighter colors.

    Ship wt. oversized 60 lbs.

    To select your suit and glove size, click on the drop down menus below (eg: Gloves default is "SMALL").

    If the wrong size is ordered, it is your responsibility and at your expense to return them.

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  2. Observation Hive  GS4005 NO LONGER AVAILABLE

    Observation Hive GS4005 NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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    NO LONGER AVAILABLE Everyone will take notice of this beautiful observation hive. Learn More

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Items 11 to 12 of 12 total

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