Shallow Frames (5 3/8 Inch)

Frames provide the structural support for the honeycomb that the honey bees utilize for egg and food storage. The frames and beeswax foundation are assembled together and placed in the hive body or super. The hive frame is a key part in a beehive.

Frames in the super can be taken off the beehive to have the honey extracted for the consumer. The beekeeper can also cut the honeycomb to consume it in its natural state. After the honey has been extracted, the frames can be placed back on the beehive for the honey bees to store more honey to be extracted. The frame is made of one top bar, two side bars, and one bottom bar. A typical hive holds eight to ten frames and is made of wood.

Frames come in three sizes: Deep (9 1/8 inches), Medium (6 1/4 inches), and Shallow (5 3/8) that differ based on the super.

Shallow frames support shallow foundation (4 3/4 inches) and fit into shallow suppers (5 11/16 inches).