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Honey Dryer M00568

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Removes Moisture Slows crystallization
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    Removes Moisture - 1 1/2 to 2 points of moisture removed from up to 2 barrels of honey per hour. Slows crystallization - shelf life, the length of time honey is on the shelf before crystallization occurs can be greatly increased by proper controlled heating. The M00569 Flash Heater is part of the Honey Dryer. Inexpensive to operate. Fully Controllable. Low Temperature Processing. Not affected by atmospheric conditions. Clarifies honey - beautiful honey out even when cloudy honey (due to suspended air and fine wax particles) goes in. Removes fermentation - discovered by accident, but it has worked every time. The first test pumped 19.5% moisture fermented honey in and 18% "good" honey came out. SHIPS FREIGHT ONLY

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