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Hand tools to open the beehive and remove the frames are a beekeepers best friend. The hive tool or pry bar is used to remove the beehive cover and frames for inspection. A frame grip makes it easier for the beekeeper to pick the frame out of the beehive. Honey bee feeders allow the beekeeper to provide the honey bees with sugar water to start the honey bees drawing beeswax comb or giving them extra feed to over winter on. The cappings scratcher is very handy when extracting the honey by opening up the beeswax capped cells in low areas on the frame. The cappings bucket catches the cappings when the beekeeper is preparing the honey frame for extracting. A bucket bench and filter allow the honey to drain from the cappings while the beekeeper does the extracting. The refractometers tell the beekeeper the moisture content of the honey which will determine how quickly the honey hardens.

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  1. 9.5" Yellow Hive Tool  M00760

    9.5" Yellow Hive Tool M00760

    This 9.5" hive tool is made of spring steel just like the smaller 7.5" version. Great for manipulating frames and scraping burr comb.

    Learn More
  2. Painted Hive Tool 9 1/2" M00757

    Painted Hive Tool 9 1/2" M00757

    This hive tool is Made in the U.S.A. of high quality spring steel. Learn More
  3. J Hook Hive Tool  M00856

    J Hook Hive Tool M00856

    Hook end is used for prying frames out of supers. Opposite end is used for scraping. Chrome plated. Learn More
  4. Turbo Hive Tool  M01953

    Turbo Hive Tool M01953

    Long Hooked end to lift frames Learn More
  5. Economy Hive Tool  9 1/2"  M007571

    Economy Hive Tool 9 1/2" M007571

    High quality low price hive tool. Heat treated to provide the strength needed for those tough prying jobs and with scraping features that rival the more costly models. Colors may vary. It is a 9 1/2 inch long painted tool with a 22/32 inch hook end. Learn More
  6. Italian Hive Tool  M01948

    Italian Hive Tool M01948

    We have had many requests for this longer style hive tool. Made of tempered steel this hive tool will provide you with the leverage you need to pry your boxes apart. Colors may vary. Learn More
  7. Section Scraping Knife  M00770

    Section Scraping Knife M00770

    This knife is specially designed and constructed for cleaning wax and propolis Learn More
  8. Bee Brush  M00751

    Bee Brush M00751

    Bee Brush's long, soft, flexible yellow bristles are gentle enough for brushing bees off queen cells yet firm enough to remove bees from frames, supers, or clothes. Will not crush or injure bees. A sturdy all purpose wood handle brush. Can be washed.

    Ship wt. 8 oz.

    Learn More
  9. Frame Grip  M00754

    Frame Grip M00754

    Frame Grip grips top bar of frame for loosening and removing frames from supers. Spring allows one hand operation.

    Ship wt. 1lb.

    Learn More
  10. Combo Frame Grip w/ Manipulation Tool  M00749

    Combo Frame Grip w/ Manipulation Tool M00749

    This handy tool, imported from Portugal, features a combination frame manipulation tool and frame grip all in one. Loosen the frame with the tool end then grip. Learn More

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