Great December Advice & Gift Ideas

Courtesy Joli Winer, editor The Northeastern Kansas Bee Buzzer

Tips for December

Renew your Bee Association membership
Finish those things you procrastinated about earlier this fall: entrance reducers, combining weak colonies, feeding light colonies.
Monitor hives for flight on warm days (sunny and above 50 degrees) and check for dead-outs throughout the winter.
Keep bricks or rocks on your lids to prevent the wind from blowing them off.
Monitor food stores in each hive. Check hives by lifting the back of the hive—are they light? Feed light hives with 2:1 sugar syrup or sugar patties.
Plan some honey gift ideas for friends and co-workers.
Heavy snows can block entrances preventing bees from necessary cleansing flights. Brush snow from the entrance of the bee hive.
Make some of your honey into creamed honey—add cinnamon or pecans. YUM!
Decision time: increase, stay the same, decrease—all take planning to be successful. Order woodenware for new hives or replacements for your own Christmas gift.

Holiday Honey Gift Ideas

Here are a few gift ideas for your list:
Honey Bear collared with a Holiday ribbon
Honey Glycerin Soap
Beeswax Lip Balm
Container of Honey with a Honey Cookbook (An apron, hot pad, baking dish, or wooden spoons can be added for a bigger gift)
Container of Honey, Bar of Honey Soap
Printed instructions for a Honey Facial
Jar of Honey, and matching size jar of Jelly
Jar of Honey, loaf of home baked bread
Beeswax Candles (rolled, dipped or molded)
Assortment of beeswax ornaments
Pair of beeswax candles, bar of honey soap and a CD
Any cookie or dessert made with honey, including the recipe.