PAm Has Specific Projects to Fund ASAP

Please read and circulate the attached letter.  Thank you for your help in funding these great projects!


However, at this time we need an infusion of unrestricted funds to continue our comprehensive research program.  We especially want to fund recent proposals received, including Dr. Reed Johnson’s Dimilin research ($134,640), Maryann Frazier’s pesticide cost share program ($15,000), Dr. Brian Johnson’s IVDS validation work ($34,755), Dr. Jonathan Engelsma’s Hive Scale Network ($22,140), and Dr. David Tarpy’s Nexcelom Vision System to process BIP samples ($29,480).  These projects total $237,000.

We are requesting your help in circulating this letter so that we can obtain the needed funding for these projects.  We have charted a strong course for Project Apis m’s future. Please talk to your contacts about PAm and what PAm is doing for the honey bee industry.

Donations can be made to:
Project Apis m.
P.O. Box 3157
Chico, CA  95927

Or Online:  See “Donate Now” button (Paypal will take 3.2% of these donations).