Dadant Beekeeping Supplies and Equipment for Beekeepers

For over 150 years Dadant and Sons has produced and sold the best beekeeping supplies & equipment available to beekeepers throughout the world. Whether you’re an experienced beekeeper or a new hobbyist, we can provide you with the proper equipment and information you need to be a successful beekeeper.

master pollinator kit by Dadant & Sons


Beginner Beekeeping Kits

Our beginner beekeeping kits contain everything necessary for a new beekeeper to start their first colony of bees, except the bees themselves. Our Beginner’s kit # 1 includes a standard beehive with all of the inner hive workings and assembly instructions, hive tool, bee smoker, gloves, hat and veil combo plus the First Lessons in Beekeepingng book.

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10 Frame Hive body by Dadant


10-Frame Equipment

The 10-frame bee hives are the industry standard. These boxes store more honey than the 8-frame boxes and provide more room for queens to lay, resulting in larger bee populations. Frame equipment is made into 3 standard sized boxes, 9 5/8” depth brood box, 6 5/8” Dadant super, and the shallow or 5 11/16” super.

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protective beekeeping suits by Dadant


Beekeeping Clothing

Dadant beekeeping suits, veils, jackets, hats and gloves are designed and constructed with the beekeeper in mind. Our ventilated suits and jackets are the finest in the beekeeping industry and the most ventilated bee suit on the market. We carry a number of sizes and styles to fit men, women and children of all sizes and shapes.

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The Latest Beekeeping News & Information from Dadant & Sons

Since 1863 beekeeping and honey bees has been our business. Our learning center and news are here to help you stay up to date on the latest beekeeping news and research, as well as the time-tested methods passed down to us over the past 150 plus years.

Researchers Develop Self-Pollinating Almond
With a Gold Mine of Tasty Traits

ARS News Service Parlier, Calif., Oct. 18, 2021 — One day, Yorizane may be synonymous with almonds and California. So what is a Yorizane and what does it have to do with almonds? Yorizane is a new self-pollinating almond variety developed by USDA's Agricultural Research Service with superb consumer traits such as size, color, and flavor. But it is Yorizane's ability to …

Breeding Honey Bees Adapted for Regionalized Plants
and Artificial Diets

ARS News Service Kim Kaplan October 1, 2021, Baton Rouge, La.- Honey bees could be intentionally bred to thrive on plants that are already locally present or even solely on artificial diets, according to a recent U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service (ARS) study. ARS researchers found individual bees respond differently to the same diet and that there is a strong genetic …

Honey Saves Hives Returns for National Honey Month!

Happy National Honey Month!  Have you heard the buzz? It’s National Honey Month, and we’ve partnered with author, chef and TV personality Jocelyn Delk Adams of Grandbaby Cakes to celebrate! We’re excited to announce the return of our Honey Saves Hives program, where YOU can help protect the bees. By purchasing select made-with-honey products from the participating brands below during the …

Dadant & Sons Beekeeping Supplies

Beekeeping & Honey Bees - Our Business Since 1863

Since 1863 the Dadant family has served the beekeeping industry by manufacturing equipment for beekeepers and producing quality products from beeswax including decorative and religious candles. It was years before that in a small village in eastern France when Charles Dadant became interested in bees while helping a neighboring priest remove honey from straw skeps at the age of 12.