Dadant Candles

Dadant has handcrafted candles for over 150 years from beeswax purchased from American beekeepers.

Since 1863, the Dadant family has made quality products from 100% beeswax. Today, the sixth generation of the Dadant Family are still inspired to combine the old world craft of candle making with exquisite contemporary designs to make a modern candle to be enjoyed by all. For centuries beeswax has been the choice of true candle connoisseurs. As a natural and renewable resource, beeswax candles are highly regarded as an environmentally friendly product. Because of their high melt point, beeswax candles are the most dripless, smokeless and longest burning candles you can buy. These features make them perfect for burning on any occasion especially when you want a quiet peaceful atmosphere while entertaining family or friends.

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