16th International Apiculture Photography Contest

The 16th International Apiculture Photography Contest held by Azuqueca de Henares Town Council in collaboration with the Municipal Apiculture Centre will be governed by the following rules:

ELIGIBLE PARTICIPANTS: Any individual or legal entity of any nationality.

THEME: Any aspect of apiculture — biology, flora, bee products, beehives and apiaries, customs and uses, trade and commerce, promotion, art, etc.

Special preference will be given to photographs emphasising humanity’s relationship with bees.
All photographs must be original and unpublished.

A special prize will be awarded for previously published photographs of historic or artistic value.

PERMITTED TECHNIQUES: All, including digital photography. Photos may be submitted in black and white or in colour.

CATEGORIES: The contest is divided into the following categories:
– Single Photograph
– Illustrated Report (3–5 photographs on a single theme)
– Historical Photograph (for previously published photographs of historic or artistic value)

SUBMISSIONS: Photographs may be submitted:

On paper (unframed, minimum size 13 x 18 cm)
On digital media
By e-mail

Each author may submit a maximum of five photographs, either as a report or as five single images.

DELIVERY ADDRESS: Photographs should posted/delivered prepaid to:

XVI Concurso Internacional de Fotografía Apícola
Concejalía de Desarrollo Sostenible
Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Azuqueca de Henares
19200 Guadalajara – España

Photographs submitted by e-mail should be sent to aulaapicola@gmail.com.

Each photograph or report should include the following information: photograph/report title, author’s name and address, author’s identity card or passport number, short description of the author and/or photograph (5–10 lines max.), e-mail address (if applicable) and submission category (illustrated report, single photograph or historical photograph).

CLOSING DATE: February 28, 2016.

IMAGE RIGHTS: Participants certify that their work does not infringe other parties’ image rights and that they have received consent to reproduce and exhibit the images submitted.

JUDGING PANEL: The judging panel will comprise staff from the Town Council’s Departments for Sustainable Development and Culture along with representatives of photography and apiculture groups. It will be presided over by the Mayor, or by his appointed designee, whose decision will be final.

PRIZES: The prizes are as follows:

Single photograph:
First prize: €1,000 and diploma
Second prize: €750 and diploma
Third prize: €500 and diploma
Illustrated report: Single prize of €1,000 and diploma
Historical photograph: Single prize of €500 and diploma

The prizes stated are gross of transfer fees and tax.

CONTEST RESULTS: The winning photographs will be announced to the media on 18 March 2016 and the winners will be notified in person. The winning photographs will become property of Azuqueca de Henares Town Council, which may request copies of the negatives, slides or original digital images.

EXHIBITION: A selection of participating photographs will be displayed in Azuqueca de Henares from 18 March to 30 April 2016. After that date, the collection will be made available as an itinerant exhibition until 28 February 2017, during which time it may be displayed free of charge by any group or organization wishing to exhibit it.

CATALOGUE: The photographs selected for exhibition will be published in a full-colour digital catalogue. Each photograph will be credited to its author and will include the description submitted. The catalogue will be made available on the Municipal Apiculture Centre’s website (www.aulaapicolaazuqueca.com). All participants will receive, free of charge, a booklet containing the winning photographs and a CD containing the full catalogue in PDF format.

RETURN OF NON-WINNING PHOTOGRAPHS: All non-winning photographs submitted on paper will be returned to the author free of charge at the end of the exhibition if so requested on submission.

All non-returned photographs will be added to the Municipal Apiculture Centre’s archives and credited to the author.

Participation in this contest implies full acceptance of these rules.