Calling For Your Best Ideas to Help Our Industry: PAm is Administering National Honey Board Research Proposals and the Request for Proposals is Now!

(From Project Apis M.)
Honey bee colony losses in the United States in 2015-2016 worsened compared with last year. United States honey production in 2015 from producers with five or more colonies fell 12 percent from 2014. As many crops which rely on honey bees for pollination are expanding, the need for a sustainable beekeeping industry is more clear than ever. Colony losses are attributed to pathogens, parasites, pesticides, hive management (queen mating, genetics, maintenance), climate, and available nutrition. With the National Honey Board as the funding sponsor, and PAm administering the proposals, accountability and funding process, together we are seeking solutions for a more sustainable industry.

With this call for research proposals, priority will be given to projects that focus on honey bee health and productivity that provide practical and tangible solutions to the beekeeping industry. Research outside the U.S. is possible, as are multiple year proposals. The goal of this research is to help U.S. producers maintain colony health, honey and crop production. The funds available for a particular proposal will depend on the number and merit of successful proposals; the estimated funds available for 2017 is $400K. The submission format can be reasonably short as long as proposals include the items specified in the submission guidelines, found here. Proposals will be accepted until midnight Pacific Time, October 22.
Danielle Downey
Executive Director