True Source Honey Approves Products to Use
Made With True Source Honey™ Logo

Products from Honey Stinger, Unilever and Droga Chocolate are the first
to earn the Made With True Source Honey™ certification


September, 2018 – Several major brands are taking a stance against honey fraud and adulteration by sourcing 100 percent of the honey used in their products from True Source Honey® certified suppliers. Honey Stinger, Droga Chocolates and Unilever’s Hellmann’s are the first brands to earn the Made With True Source Honey™ certification.

Makers of food, personal care and over-the-counter products can show their commitment to responsible honey sourcing by selecting honey suppliers that have earned independent certification to the True Source Honey protocol. This voluntary, third-party testing and certification program traces honey all the way back to the hive so wholesale buyers and consumers can be confident about the origin and authenticity of honey as well as its compliance with U.S. and international trade laws.

“Consumers care where their honey comes from and deserve pure natural honey – nothing added and nothing taken away,” said Gordon Marks, executive director of True Source Honey. “It’s the reason we launched the True Source Honey Certification® program.”
“True Source Honey certification helps honey suppliers to voluntarily demonstrate their commitment to responsible honey sourcing,” said Marks.

True Source Honey certification combines rigorous third-party audits with active third-party sampling and container shipment oversight to trace honey to its origin. Made With True Source Honey certification verifies that 100 percent of the honey used in a product is True Source Certified Honey.

The Made With True Source Honey certification mark can be found on products from the following brands:

Droga Chocolates – “At Droga, we make “better-for-you” chocolates that combine nostalgic flavors with a modern twist using only premium, natural ingredients and we’re committed to making a positive impact on the world. We are proud to be the first confections brand to be Made with True Source Certified Honey,” said Greg Power, General Manager of Las Olas Brands.

Honey Stinger – “At Honey Stinger, we are committed to establishing trust with our consumers on the origins and authenticity of our honey products,” said Stinger Co-owner Rich Hager. “Using the Made With True Source Honey logo allows us to add another layer of transparency, supporting our mission to use high-quality, ethically sourced honey.”

Hellmann’s – Hellmann’s Real Ketchup made with honey and Best Foods Real Ketchup made with honey

“Even though honey is one of nature’s simplest foods, it is susceptible to activities, such as adulteration, that compromise its wholesomeness.  At Hellmann’s/Best Foods, we want to assure our consumers that we only use pure honey in our Real Ketchup. It is important to us that our honey is legally and ethically sourced, and can be traced from its harvest to its final destination in our delicious ketchup,” said Ben Crook, Hellmann’s Director.

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