Beekeeping suits fully protect your body covering your head, shoulders, and knees. (Sorry about your toes, you still have to wear boots, sadly.) Whether you need the full protection of a suit or just your upper body we have you covered.



Veils come in all sorts of shapes for bee suits and are the main distinguishing factor between bee suits.


Hood Veils

Hood veils hang downward like a hood but tend to have less visibility due to their supports, hood veils are considered more comfortable since they are a lighter veil in most cases, they also fold down pretty easily meaning they are easier to store as well.


Square veils

Square veils have 2 pieces, a hardhat and a folding square mesh veil for visibility. Square veils are very versatile since they can be used with multiple different hats and have a heavier more durable mesh. Overly aggressive bees may find a way in through a square veil since they aren’t as closed off as their counterparts.


Round veils

Round veils provide the most visibility among all 3 veils and have a built-in hat as well, many have an adjustable band for various head sizes. Round veils tend to be heavy-duty but can be a bit awkward at times due to their non-folding nature and larger brim. Despite this round veils tend to be one of the most popular veil types.



Types of Suits

Children’s bee suits

Are sized perfectly for kids up to 10 years of age on average. These suits are great for letting kids experience beekeeping for themselves by letting them get up close and personal with the bees without any of pain.

Ventilated bee suits

A traditional bee suit used to be made with cotton canvas and was notoriously hot. But these bee suits sport a mesh that allows airflow while still keeping you nice and protected.


Standard bee suits

A standard bee suit is exactly how it sounds but with all the modern improvements for a superior bee-keeping experience: large pockets, zippered or elastic ankles, and a polyester cotton blend for the perfect mix of durability and comfort.


Whatever you choose make sure to buy some gloves as well to protect your hands.


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