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Books and Magazines on Beekeeping

Dadant’s publication of beekeeping books and subscriptions covers everything from basic information that any beekeeper should know to the latest industry topics and trends.

We offer books and subscriptions that range from children’s books to scientific publications. Whether you have been beekeeping for decades or are looking into a new hobby, we have a variety of options for you to dive deep into the world of beekeeping. 

For Beginners and Experts

This section includes reading material for hobbyists, experts and professionals. Every selection includes something new for all levels of beekeeping.

Monthly Bee Journals

The American Bee Journal magazine is the oldest English language publication on bees, offering advice for more than 100 years. Articles discuss monthly crop and market information, practical information, scientific and experimental reports, industry news, and display and classified ads.

Dadant offers American Bee Journal subscriptions in both print and digital. We also offer international delivery, one specifically for Canadian airmail and another for other countries.


This section includes recommendations for general beekeeping information. Whether you're a beginner, hobbyist or professional, you will learn something new.

Applied Beekeeping in the United States: Both beginners and experts will be able to gain new knowledge. This is a collection of articles published in reputable bee journals over the last five to eight years, plus some unpublished information and articles. The author, David MacFawn, has over 50 years of experience working with honey bees, mainly in the southeastern United States.

History of American Beekeeping: This classic book details the rise of American beekeeping and the figures who started it all. Having once been a difficult find, this historical document has been reprinted in its entirety with its original photos. This was originally written by late American Bee Journal editor Frank C. Pellett.

Books for Beginner Beekeepers

Learn more from this selection of books that will give you everything you need to know and guide you throughout your journey. Experts can also brush up on their knowledge with this section.

First Lessons in Beekeeping: Includes everything you need to know about becoming a successful beekeeper. Also known as “Dadant’s little book,” it was originally written by Charles P. Dadant in 1917. Later editions have helped hobbyists and experts for over 90 years. This book is also available in Spanish.

Bee-sentials: A Field Guide: This guide is a quick, straightforward read. It focuses on "natural" beekeeping for those who want to avoid or minimize pesticides and reduce stress on the bees. This is the perfect road trip read or when you have a few minutes to spare.

Hive Inspection Sheet Notepad: A helpful checklist to keep you up to date on your hive inspections. Record hive activity, requeening, treatments, feeding, honey storage, honey extraction and the condition of the hive.

Additional Books

We offer books that offer more detailed information about beekeeping, such as queen rearing, diseases, and infestations. We also have a plethora of cookbooks so you can learn new recipes, and children’s books so your children can learn more about bees and beekeeping.


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