Hive Stands

Hive stands serve as an added barrier of protection from the elements, but additionally, they assist your hive in working to its fullest potential. There may be those that think that a hive stand is just another unnecessary added expense, but the truth is that hive stands help create a more natural habitat for your honey bees.

When setting up their production areas, honey bees are more inclined to build higher up, rather than on the ground. Hives that are positioned on the ground will not perform as well as those with a bit of height to them. In cases where the hive is on the ground, conditions will deteriorate and the honey bees will always find an alternative location at a higher altitude. Hive stands also help protect the hive against predators, so it is important to determine which predators are in your area when deciding which hive stand is right for you and your hive’s needs.

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