Company Policy

Company Policy



   We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal.  Payment is processed at time of order and settled within two business days.


   We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, check drawn on US bank account, wire transfer, money order & cash.  We process credit cards at time of shipment and may charge multiple times if there are many shipments.  If there is a problem with the processing of the credit card, we may hold the order until the issue is resolved.  Invoices are mailed or emailed 



May be refunded or credited to customers account.



Dadant & Sons, Inc., warrants its equipment to be free of defects in material and workmanship. If within 30 days of purchase you feel an item to be defective, please return the merchandise along with your sales slip at once, and we will refund the purchase price along with all transportation charges. This warranty does not cover any damage to equipment arising from alteration, abuse, or use of product for other than its intended purpose. We reject all implied and expressed warranties.



Because conditions of use are beyond our control, we make no warranty or representation, express or implied, except that all products conform to the description provided by the manufacturer on sales literature or product labels. Our liability is limited to the purchase price paid. Glass containers ship at your own risk.


Product Suitability

Many States & localities have codes and regulations governing sales, construction, installation, and or use of products for certain purposes. While we attempt to assure that our products comply with such codes, we cannot guarantee compliance in every situation. We cannot be responsible for how the product is installed or used. Before you purchase and use a product, please review both the product application and local codes and regulations. Be sure that the product, its installation, and its use will comply with them.



Due to rapid changes in our economy today, all orders will be invoiced on the basis of prices which are in effect at the time of shipment. Please feel free to confirm prices at any time.


State Sales Tax

We are required to collect sales tax where applicable by law. Sales Tax exemptions will be allowed only if you have a signed sales tax resale certificate on file with us. State Law requires that we have certificates on file before any tax exemption can be allowed. If you have not sent in a sales tax resale certificate, we will charge you sales tax on your initial order and refund the sales tax to you when you send in the sales tax resale certificate.


Published Errors

We are not responsible for typographical or photographic errors that may appear in any Dadant material. We reserve the right to make adjustments or corrections due to changing market conditions, product discontinuations, or typographical or photographic errors in products