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Looking for a gift but not sure what your favorite beekeeper needs? A Dadant & Sons gift card can help you with that.  This is an electronic gift card that will be emailed to you or your recipient and is usable on the Dadant & Sons beekeeping website or any Dadant & Sons beekeeping retail locations. 

The holiday season is upon us and during this time of year, carriers that deliver packages to you can have delayed delivery times due to a significant increase in the number of packages they need to deliver. This unpredictability could cause purchases of our physical Dadant gift cards to deliver after the holidays. If this is a concern for you, we also offer electronic gift cards with many holiday themed designs that can be emailed to a recipient at a specified date and time. Your satisfaction is always important to us and we at Dadant want to help make sure you and yours have a happy holiday season.

Sometimes beekeepers can be hard to shop for, you don't know what they have or what they need. A Dadant & Sons gift card is a great gift to let them know you're thinking about them and allow them to pick out exactly what they want.  This is an electronic gift card that can be emailed to you or your recipient.  


Gift Card Restrictions:

Gift card purchases are restricted to the United States and its territories.

Some items are excluded from purchase - gift cards, candles, and pay on account.          

Some Dadant & Sons retail locations excluded from gift card usage - Kahoka, MO and Dallas City, IL.


Gift Card Refunds:  

All sales of gift cards are final unless a refund is permitted by state or federal law.

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