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LIQUIDATOR - 4 UNITS IN 1 Uncapping/Capping Drain Tank, Wax Melter, 1 Can Liquifier, (60# Containers), 175# Bottling Tank
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LIQUIDATOR - 4 UNITS IN 1 The smaller honey producers dream. Uncapping/Capping Drain Tank, Wax Melter, 1 Can Liquefier, (60# Containers), 175# Bottling Tank The Liquidator and an extractor are the only equipment necessary to process and package your entire honey and wax crop. The Liquidator, a great companion for your 4-frame or 6-frame extractor was developed specifically for hobbyist beekeepers. Save time, labor, and mess with the Liquidator. Components: 1-14'' diameter, 24'' deep, 304 food grade MIG welded stainless steel tank with two welded fittings - bottom drain. 1-1700 watt - 120 volt immersion heater 1-Wooden frame uncapping bar 1-Heavy stainless steel support for 60# containers 1-1'' bottling ball valve 1-14'' diameter screen 1-14 1/2'' stainless steel spun cover.

Ships Dimensional Weight 25 lbs.

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