Deluxe Solar Wax Melter

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Affordable, high performance solar wax melter that uses the power of the sun to melt beeswax ASSEMBLED

The Deluxe Solar Wax Melter is an affordable, high performance melter that uses the power of the sun to melt valuable wax with no cost to operate. It is capable of reaching and maintaining temperatures as much as 50 degrees F above melting temperature without harmful UV ray exposure. Warm-up takes about 30 minutes and in most locations, melting can be achieved for 6-7 hours on a sunny day. Even on partly cloudy days, extended periods of melting are possible.

The Deluxe Solar Wax Melter is constructed of 7-11 layer hardwood plywood which is painted black in the melting areas and polycrylic finish sealed on the exterior. It is assembled with water proof, high strength urethane adhesive and power driven nails resulting in a construction that is warranted for 3 years against defects in material and workmanship. Solar transfer is accomplished via multi-wall structured polycarbonate, 10mm thick sheet surrounded by a sealed wooden frame. A sliding, captive front door allows for exchanging of catch pans during the melting cycle without having to raise the main cover.

The melting and collecting areas will accommodate your pans, screen and filter cloths up to 18" x 12" x 5 " for the melting pan and up to 11" x 5" x 3" for the collecting pan. Use of aluminum pans typically sold in grocery stores and hardware outlets is recommended. Loading is easy since the cover can be completely removed providing total access to the melting area. ASSEMBLED

Ship wt. 71 lbs.

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