Deluxe Uncapping Tub Kit

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  • 2 tubs
  • filter grid
  • honey gate
  • wooden crossbar
  • lid


The bottom tank is equipped with a heavy-duty injection-molded 1.5” honey gate, featuring a scissor action for clean cut-off against an O-ring. This multipurpose tub kit includes a wooden crossbar with a stainless Steel frame-holder spike and J-bolts as well as a bottom tank that can be used either as a honey storage tank or as a bottling tank. It can hold 5 gallons of honey, and its lid can be used as a hive tray during honey harvesting time as well as during hive transportation. This tub has been specially designed and produced as an uncapping tub—it is not just another modified, off-the-shelf, non-food-grade plastic bin.

This tub’s large capacity holds hours’ worth of wax capping. Its grid prevents the capping from falling into the bottom tank, which collects honey drained from the wax capping. When in use, the two stacked tanks have a combined height of 18”. When stacked for storage, the height reduces to 9”.

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