Honey Processing

We have everything you need to extract your honey crop quickly and efficiently. After the honey frames have been removed from the supers, the beekeeper starts the extracting process. The first step is to remove the beeswax that seals the honey in the cell. This beeswax is referred to as capping. The beekeeper can use a cappings scratcher to scrape open the honey cell or an electric uncapping tool to cut off a thin layer of beeswax to expose the honey. Our uncapping tools from plain uncapping scratchers to electric uncapping knives will get the job done for you quickly. The cappings are usually placed in a filter to allow the honey to drip from the cappings. The beeswax capping is left to be melted and recycled into foundation or candles. Our uncapping tanks and melters can separate the beeswax from the honey residue in the beeswax capping. The uncapped frame is place in an extractor or spinner to spin out the honey. We have hand or electric powered extractors of all sizes. Once the honey is extracted it is often filtered and pumped to a storage tank to hold until the packing step. You can hand fill your container or use an automatic filler that can be set to the weight of the container, making the process speedy and easy.

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