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Beetle Trap Tray w/ Cover No Cleats M015404

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West Beetle Trap is designed to sit on the bottom board (not included) 10 Frame
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    West Small Hive Beetle Trap was designed to sit on the 10 frame bottom board just where the Small Hive Beetle naturally likes to hide. The trap consists of a tray that you partially fill with a small amount of vegetable oil and a specially designed lid that is covered with almost 300 small slots. The Small Hive Beetle, in looking for a place to hide from the Honey Bees trying to catch them, head for the slots as an escape route which is a dead end that leads directly to the tray filled with thick Non-Toxic Vegetable Oil. The Small Hive Beetle falls into the vegetable oil, are coated with it, suffocate and die. It's just that simple! It is critical that the trap is level before adding the vegetable oil. Place trap on bottom and fill 1/2 with oil, purchased separately. Place cover on trap. Do not pour oil through the trap cover, as any spilled oil may cause bee mortality. At this time you may reassemble your hive and start trapping beetles! BOTTOM BOARD NOT INCLUDED

    Periodic cleaning of the traps is necessary. Check traps every 7-14 days.

    Tips: The manipulation of your colony will disturb the S.H.B. hiding spots causing them to move around in the colony and find the trap sooner. Storage and Disposal after use: discard used oil in an approved manner. Clean traps and store away from direct sunlight and any pesticides.

    Ship wt. 3 lbs.

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